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how do you get silicon

you have to open the crates that spawn on the smaller islands

this is a great game! about 20% of the time if i drop an item it goes trough the floor though. keep up the good work!

(oh and i delete the floor half the time when i put items down on it and try to pick them up gain)

on the web version you can't see achievements 

I don't think you can see achievements on any version, it's bugged

Terrari+Minecraft=This awesome game :)


nice game dude cant wait for the 2021 version i alwyas wanted a 3 d version of minecraft thats more realistic (: thanks for making this game alright now i gotta play more of this!

when my friend tried to join me i dont see him but he sees me

and when i try joining my friend i can see him but he cant


Multiplayer is super buggy. Try restarting both of your games, but there's no guarantee it will work.


Really good game here. Little buggy on the fall damage but not game breaking just annoying more than anything. A little more fine tuning and this game will feel like a full high end title. Optimization was on point though, silky smooth (except the moment you are going between the two worlds)


why is the ladder so deadly?


Because I didn't know how to program fall damage



will multiplayer be released on the web version?

(+1) only lets me put one build up in WebGL. Since the multiplayer build is a separate version, and also only has multiplayer, no singleplayer, I will not be putting it up on the web version.


the better version of minecrft!

how do you craft? (i'm playing the online/web ver., i dunno why i can't


When you press [TAB], you open up your inventory. The crafting menu is on the right side of the screen. If you want to craft something, you have to click on the green color, not the actual item. It's a bit buggy


got it, thanks!


I haven't gotten all achievements yet (still need to get the iron pickaxe, incinerator, and automation) but my crate scraping operation has been a bit too successful :P

Haha! Nice work.

ive created the purgatory hell

how do i use the sorter


the pick always bugs out

what r the controls?????????????

Press escape while in game, then go to HELP


i was riding on one of the crate islands and i think it deleted me along with the islan

yep, it's a bug :(

Is this the first time its come up

nope, known issue

Game is great!! but the pickaxe is always clipping through every thing   


how do you smealt stuff?

Throw wood in front of the furnace to add fuel, and then you can throw ore/mud into the furnace to smelt it :)


love this game so far and cant wait for Pangea!

Thank you! Me neither :)

is there a way for inv management

No, sorry. That's coming in the sequel/remake Pangaea.

The only way to really manage your inventory in Adrift is to craft an incinerator and incinerate items you don't want, and sort items you do into piles separated by walls.

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This looks like such an amazing game. I've only just started but wanted to say a couple things.

The lightning gems are terrifying at the beginning. I have no idea what triggers them or when they appear, unless I get hurt or die. They're so fast it's crazy.

I also clipped through the grass of my island and had to restart. I was just walking and it may have been a lightning gem or a small invisible hole.

I'm excited to see what you do with this. I love it so far, even if it's a little rough.


Thanks for your feedback! The clipping through the island glitch is unfortuanate. If you want to follow the progress of the sequel/remake Pangaea (which is coming to Steam!), you can join our discord server

You can't just clip back through the ground? I got inside the island in creative and was able to just fly right back out.

It appears you, in fact, can't walk back out.


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f##king fantastic game but neds more stuff like more sounds ect.

triggerd cat described it very well

keep on the work


This game is awesome I cant wait for the remake





Press Q to drop smeltables (iron ore, copper ore)  and fuel (wood) right into it. They will smelt.

Oh hello microman

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Hey, it's me again!

Awesome to hear that you're starting the remake, I recently started playing Adrift again and would love some more content to abuse and exploit ;)     but out of all seriousness, thank you for starting on the remake <3

ohh  and I found another bug, when ladders are placed on both grey sides of a conveyor belt and walk backwards ontop of the conveyor belt, you can clip through

I'm waiting patiently for you to finish the remake :3


I cannot wait for the new version! I have actually been waiting and anticipating. cannot wait!

Thank you all for your support! It's people like you who give me motivation to make games :D

Yeah, I work on some games too. I know how important it is. I also have some ideas for a difficulty curve but you probably have it being well worked on.

I would love to hear your ideas! I need all the input I can get.

Oh, definitely! If there is any kind of place i could suggest it i will, but for now i'd just like to say that you should need a special platform to build on the underside of an island, copper should be found at the bottom of the island, iron should REQUIRE a stone pick and you should need to sacrifice a lot for a lightning stone and, finally, silicone should be rarer than it is, and sand should be able to be picked up from somewhere.

I'm honestly filled with the need of telling you all my idea's and changes man

It angers me >:((

I would be glad if you told me your ideas and changes! I could potentially add them to the remake!

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Trig#8505 dm me or no cookies

also by the way do you know if i can use ladders to keep boxes from falling when items can

Edit: nvm they do, this makes my life easier

how open inventory... tried all keys

oh lord it is TAB whyyyyyy

I have a question how do you eat apples or how do you use stuff? is it e or f i dont know?

Left click to use.

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Okay, so.

This game is great, it executes building from the ground up really well. but after 3 hours you kinda already crafted everything, tried everything, went everywhere.. and that is a problem

There are also a few bugs littered around the place, like

Being able to "fly" up by standing on a box with a full inventory and picking up the box

Bricks not being an entity when they leave a furnace ?

The auto-collector getting stuck in the ground when trying to mine tree's or rocks on the edge of the island

The house on the second island in the overworld being extremely messy and just bugged 50% of the saves you make

Being able to access your inventory when in the menu

The achievements not appearing correctly

You are influenced by the gravity of a small island even when standing next to it on a platform 

Boosting into the sky when aiming yourself up on a tree correctly, ( velocity building up? )

When you go too far out or stand on a moving island for too long, the game freezes and you have to re-open it

You can sometimes bug through walls when they are next to eachother, this sometimes leads to death

Floating apples ???

And now for a few fixes..

I was able to get the best pickaxe in the game in 4 minutes, due to the crystals basically spawning next to you

The auto-miner should most likely get an Auto-sorter of some kind, or like a docking station for it to dispose it's contents

The grass clogging up on your island is also a pretty big issue, as you (as far as I'm aware) can't incinerate it nor throw it away

Sometimes I was not sure when a furnace was fueled, there should be an indicator for that

There should be way more end-game, and most likely a goal.

The second dimension has almost no use for most people, apart from littering place, maybe add something neat there

More automation would be cool, as of right now the best automation you can get are autosmelters, box collectors and the stupid auto-miner

Overall this game gets a fat 7/10, but there are always things to fix

I'm also really hoping that the difficulty curve is made harder.


Thanks for the feedback! It's greately appreciated. Development is currently paused for this game as I am working on Redmatch. I'm not sure if I'll end up updating this game, since it's been 6 months or so now since I started it, and I have learned a lot since then (Including multiplayer networking). I'm planning on releasing a second version of the game rebuilt from the ground up with better systems which make development easier. Because I started it so long ago, most of the code is a complete mess prone to many bugs and ultimately unusable to create anything new. In the next version of Adrift, I hope to map out a plot and purpose before starting development, as well as building all the systems early on based on a chosen end goal of what the game should be. My idea of Adrift changed many times during development, and it truly was an amazing and engaging learning experience. Thank you so much for the long list of bugs! Some of them I've known for a while, some I have tried to fix but failed, and some I had no idea about. I hope you enjoyed the experience so far. The remake of Adrift will hopefully come out sometime in 2019-2020.

That is good to know! I'll be sure to check when it comes out.


Also... just looking at this now:

"When you go too far out or stand on a moving island for too long, the game freezes and you have to re-open it"

I think the problem is that the player is being destroyed when the island moves too far out (After a certain distance, the island will destroy itself and anything on it to prevent the objects from going into the dark realm) and destroys the player also. Thanks for the feedback! I will make sure to fix this in the remake.

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Found some save issues. 1) the noise of the conveyor belts is stacked and obnoxious until they are reset. May just be my headphones. 2) Incinerators & doors get flipped sideways...

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I saw a youtube video on this, and i believe i saw it on the Blackthornprod discord server. looking forward to playing it!

Edit: I have now played it, It's a quaint game, and it's a really nice experience. I do enjoy the crates and multiple island. I have some suggestions, however: A harder difficulty curve i.e you should not be able to immediately get to the top tier pickaxe. However, i am very excited for the future of this game nonetheless.

One more thing, and i swear i'll be done. For the collisions, try making the player a fairly detailed system but have the items have just a square of something like that for the collider.

im on linux plz tell me how to install it

Since I don't have access to a Mac or Linux computer, I'm unable to solve operating system related bugs, or assist with download isntructions. Sorry :(

im on linux plz tell me how to install it

Download the game, right click one of the application files, click properties, then under Permissions, tick the box that says "Allow executing as a program." Then, just run the game.


Can you open "boxes"? I would think they would be a storage kind of thing but I can't figure out how to open them if they are. Or are they just a kind of block for building with? It would be really nice to have a way to store items instead of just throwing them all over the ground or in a pit made out of walls and a door. Also a suggestion: add a way to vertically transport items and maybe a hopper.

Thanks for the feedback! Boxes are only a structure (for building). I've been planning on adding a storage solution for a while now, and have just never gotten around to it :/

You can transfer items vertically using a conveyer belt angled upwards for going up and a tube of ice (or walls, but they have more friction and stuff can get stuck) for items going down.


This game is absolutely epic! I absolutely love the low-poly graphics style! Keep up the good work! I'd really like to see this game on Steam! I'd change the model of the pickaxe though, It's so t h i c c it looks kind uncomfortable XD


Oh man, I haven't played that much yet but this game looks SUPER promising. Just needs a little more content. I hope you bring multiplayer and bring this to Steam someday! I'd totally buy it.


I would love to add multiplayer to this and have already attempted to. The problem is I am extremely inexperienced with multiplayer (and since I started building this game a year ago and just recently came back to it, the code is very messy). I might rebuild Adrift from the ground up with multiplayer as the core feature eventually!



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How do you use the furnace ?  PLZ RESPOND SOMEONE PLZ!!!

The front of the furnace has a small emblem. This is the entrance, where fuel and items to be smelted will go in. First throw wood into the front of the furnace as fuel, and then put in the ores you would like to smelt. Ores take 10 seconds to smelt, and will come out the other end. You can also smelt mud to make bricks (which are kind of useless).


Wow, great idea for the main mechanic :D
This game looks really cool!


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Just finished playing your game, it looks really promising! I like the concept of two worlds and flying islands. I managed to do all in it except for couple of achivements that I think is not possible to get yet :)
There is a lot of bugs as usual for prototypes. But I'll be following to see updates, keep up the good work!My cool house xDAlso that thing looks cool

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Thanks a ton for playing my game! I will try to update it as regularly as possible, which is usually on the weekends because of school. Thanks for the feedback!

Also: all achievements should be possible :P Noone has found the flower yet tho!


I found the flower

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Was the flower on one of the small flying islands? That's the only place I've not visited xD

no ;)