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10/10 houses! Why did they stop playing it?


hello to any Adrift players! If anyone enjoys this game, I released Redrift:Redux a bit ago, which expands a ton on the gameplay features and polish, while still maintaining some of the core feel and theming of the game.

play it at if you want, or don't, keep loving Adrift either way!

good game

i found this a few years ago and I just realized you also made the lethal company skinwalkers mod lol


small world!

how do i craft


Fun game, but the achievements should be visible before you get them because I'm missing 2 and I don't know what they are

How play a multiplayer? Just im idk)

This is a good game

hello ,

i can't play multiplayer, why?(

what's wrong with it?

good game when will multiplayer be fixed?

what's wrong with it?

The game is good but the smelting needs fixing

because when i put thing in the furnace it does not go in all the time

put them in the front. thats the intake


Pretty relaxing experience with lovely music.



Basically MUCK but one island

good game, question when you download do you still have the world that you made in browser? 

no, the browser worlds are stored separately

dang it, is there any way to transfer data?

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Short answer: no

Long answer: If you press Ctrl + Shift + I and go to the Application tab, then expand IndexedDB, then expand /idbfs - and then click FILE_DATA you can see your world's save file, but I have no idea how to download it.

yeah actually I have zero idea what that means but  sure👍


Spoken like a true game dev LOLOL


looks awesome!!

i can't play multiplayer, why?(

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Has a trojan virus


does not but ok

can you make multiplayer mode

that exists

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can you make browsr multiplayer



Quick question, how do you smelt stuff?

you press Q nearby the furnace


10/10 this game has w rizz


raise your hand if you are still waiting for pangaea



how do i use furnace


look at the comments below

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Very cool! Like the look of the graphics! (All poly assets)



Did I offend you or something? Because if I did, I'm sorry


yeah a little lol




Did I offend you or something? Because if I did, I'm sorry


dani didn't invent low poly, it's been a style for a long time. People are always saying adrift and redmatch 2 look like dani games and it's annoying, he didn't do anything original artiscally

But he made it look cool-


I think the game actually existed before dani made the first 3d vid

How do I use fullscreen in the browser version?

Nevermind, fixed it, sorry

how do I get stuff out of furnace and am i able to put stuff in boxs?

you can't get raw materials out of the furnace, they have to be smelted. boxes are just for building, but you can put stuff in containers in the Redrift mod

ok how many wood do u need to smelt 1 iron? 


Ok I put in 1 wood and 1 iron ore but it didn't give me iron ingot

what did it give you

What key do I press to use it

Deleted 129 days ago



how do you use a furnace?

drop wood in front to fuel it, then drop ores in front to smelt them

I found a weird bug with high graphics level too many shadows would crash your game

I just glitched inside the light realm island, anybody gonna help me get out?

how do you craft a brick in adrift?

smelt mud

is that the dirt balls

nah you get it from the island tho

you mean smelt clay?

yeah whoops

its been a while lol

also, how do you install the mod on Chromebook? I know its possible

You can't

Foumd out a web port nm

which mod were you talking about?

the redrift mod watch go to the search and search redrift

ah I thought you were talking about the multiplayer one


I introduced this game to my friends and now they play it when they got the chance

and so do the incinerators :|

OH RIGHT every time i come back to my world (after closeing the game tab) the doors r sideways its anoying plz fix

deffinitly the dark relm the only point is water and the dark stones wot it called? idc I NEED MORE 

AMAZING GAME: this game is OP and has lots of potential id like to see more ( after a few hours of playing im having a prob with inventory space need storage and/or more inventory)

Glad you're enjoying it :) I'm not working on the game anymore, but if you want to play with storage try out this mod:

Very fun and cool, would've liked an expansion upon discovering islands and more technology to explore. Also, the dark dimension is a wonderful idea! Although it seems a bit bland and useless (the gem only has one use). Also, there is a clipping problem for the objects, they just fall through the terrain. Anyways, I rate it 8.5/10. Lovely game, could be expanded upon more.

I would also like better optimization, using the furnace and/or dropping many items causes my screen to shortcut to Microsoft Powerpoint, not very nice.

Thanks for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've stopped development on the game, but if you're looking for more technology to mess around with, my friend made a mod for it which adds a bunch of new items and features:

i love you. thank you so much i will suck anything you want and place foreign objects wherever you need. i will defintely check i tout daddy/mommy


is multiplayer only for windows?


aww :(


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