A downloadable DLC

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DLC Content for the multiplayer FPS Redmatch 2

A cosmetic-only content pack featuring various animated death effects and skins.

DLC Content:

  • Corrupt skin
  • Acid skin
  • Shimmer skin
  • Wormhole skin
  • Molten skin
  • Slice death effect
  • Anvil death effect


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this DLC you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

How to Redeem Your Key.txt 301 bytes

Development log


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hey rug bug i have a suggestion you should add pets and make it maybe so the pets can have hats and stuff  

dose it work with the steam version 

Yep! You are just currently unable to buy it on Steam.

Rugbug, how about you add a melting death effect

I tried, but it isn't supported on WebGL

how about nowwww???

Well now I can add it since it's not WebGL anymore


Hey RugBug! Me and Cheff got the DLC. I was wondering when we would/will recive new content? I suggest you add something really unique, like a hat to the DLC to increase intrest and sales....Please?

It'll recieve new content as soon as I've got a lot of free time to work on it, which is probably after finals in a few weeks

Great to hear, If you ever need help I dont know much but im great with ideas and would love to be apart of RedLabs as a concept designer.

RugBug, why is there a file called How To Redeem Your key, and what does it contain!?

It contains info on how to redeem the key you get to activate the DLC for your account

but how is the key keep generating? is there a link, or a key in txt file.

You will get a key when you buy it. The key is not in the text file

I wish I can get it free because I don’t have enough money.

Sorry man, I made this so that people would have a way to support me if they wanted. The whole base game is free and the DLC only offers some cosmetic stuff

RugBugFern...Can i use the DLC without the app.

Dunno how you would do that

like the web version u sent me....can i use that with the DLC.

also, my comment on the hidden secret you removed...I apologize.

Yes you can

thats good to know! me and cheffboi are buying it!!!! Im really excited!


why i cant pay whit pay safe

Itch.io supports 2 third-party payment options:

  • PayPal — Pay with PayPal balance, card, or bank
  • Stripe — Pay with credit or debit card

wow whats this?

A payed cosmetic DLC for Redmatch 2 which gives you some cool skins and death effects

  • Corrupt skin
  • Acid skin
  • Slice death effect
  • Anvil death effect



I bought it!



i might buy it but at the same time there is a free version so what does it  give me 

and are you a solo dev

All the stuff it gives you is listed on the page, with more to come in the future :)

ok i might

Awesome ♥

hey how did you get your game fans and a littlie popular

I think itch featured it on their front page. It's been out for over a year, but only got a consistent playerbase a few months ago when it spiked up for some reason.


this looks fun