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who wanna play

who wanna play

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yall in the same timezone?

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No i don't fink i live in Italy

ok im in


no one wanna play :[

im on

lets play

you know this is just a comments section, right? they aren't going to get a notification for your message or anything

anyone wanna play with me?


ok cool

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BEST GAME EVER!!!!! I PLAYED WITH MY SIS, also we were dumb, best game ever.

edit: i think i feel excited after play-

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Edit: uhh-

Edit 2: This was pretty great!

I've been wainting for a while  for another layer, but finally I opened up another instance of browser and played with myself.

I couldn't create account at discord server. When I tried to enter email, email filed still empty.

You don't need an account to play this game.

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please new update and accounts

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No, sorry. It's a jam game.

not enough players

i need a partner and i cant join the discord because this is a school chromebook and discord is blocked

me too


please :(

i need a partner and i cant do the discord cuz i need a full account cuz i cant find the STUPID EMAIL TO FINISH MAKING MY ACCOUNT AAAAAAAAAAAA

and i have been sitting here for 3 minutes


Hey guys. I made a video about these games. The puzzles were interesting. I hope you make more levels. The shooter was also entertaining. I did not see many functions because I used a browser version. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos with such games every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing your games, and I am looking forward to playing more of them.


Incredible job. Anyone who can, find a friend and pair up. This game is short yet really fun. It's polished and well done, and the mechanics can feel a little weird but overall it is executed super well. Great job Rug, you have improved so, so much.


epic game most amazing i love this :)


Wow wow wow this game is absolutely great! everything about it is smart. Don't stop making games.


10/10 love the movement mechanic looks good and feels great to play.


Very fun game, almost got stuck because I had already forgotten the soul separation mechanic. 10/10 would recommend.

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10/10,i wonder who made the music... 😉 (jk lmao)

Im glad i was able to help you with that!

Clever mechanics, simple but nice visuals and some good levels make a perfect mix for perfect jam game so im pretty sure you are going to either win or at least be in the top 10 (or 100,if you are pessimistic)


Played it with some random guy, and it was really, really fun! Great idea, grat game. And the music is amazing xD
I'd love to play more levels


Just played, awesome mechanic, awesome muliplayer!

10/10 would play again :)


Fun game! Specially if you play it with a friend, the sound is good and the mechanics well designed!