A downloadable tool for Windows

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This tool lets you easily make automatic updaters for your applications or games.


  • File hashing: Uses a file hashing system for checking updates instead of a version system, which is more secure and easier to use.
  • Custom launch arguments: Ensure that your game is never launched from anything but the launcher by using custom launch arguments.
  • Multithreading: No more "(Not Responding)" messages when extraction is taking a while, as the UI and extraction run on separate threads.
  • Forcing a single instance: Forces only one instance of the application and the Update Utility to be open at once, preventing confusion or issues.
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow documentation

When you purchase this product, you get access to the source code and the setup guide.

Support me on Patreon at the $3 tier or more to get this asset and many others, or buy a copy here on itch.io.

For Windows only, supports games up to a few gigabytes.

I used the Advanced Redlabs Update Utility for my game, Redmatch 2, which was downloaded over 8,000 times.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Advanced Redlabs Update Utility.zip 1 MB

Download demo

Final Product Demo - Redmatch 2 Launcher 149 MB


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Can anyone help me?
I bought  the paid version and  follow all pdf guide, but everytime when i click to download the game, download everthing again, infinite loop.
Its downloading normally, but always when i open the launcher download everything again.

My game has 1gb and download, but after that dont extract and dont show any message. Do u know the reason?

If theres an error, it will show in the Windows Event Viewer. you can find it by searching Event Viewer in the windows search

Now is working because i forgot that must be .zip and not .rar.
One more question...
What is the size limit on paid version?

I would keep the game under 2 GB

Bro... I bought  the paid version and  follow all pdf guide, but everytime when i click to download the game, download everthing again, infinite loop.
Do u have any tutorial video of this paid version?

No, sorry. If Google Drive doesn't work try Dropbox, they have a free tier

whats the most gb this supports?

It depends on your computer. I wouldn't go over 2GB though. The normal redlabs update utility (https://rugbugredfern.itch.io/update-utility) can support more, because it doesn't have hashing

This no longer supports download progress percentage with Google Drive, right?

Unless google drive changed something, it should. Does Dropbox work?

How can i prevent Update utility to be closed when the update is done ?
I want to make a play button.


You'll need to show a play button in ZipWorker_RunWorkerCompleted, and make it call StartApplication when clicked (instead of calling StartApplication inside ZipWorker_RunWorkerCompleted). Making a play button is probably going to be more complicated than you think, dealing with xaml.

Don't suppose you feel like updating for games larger than 2 gig? My game's sitting at a healthy 6.8 and growing :P Took me forever to figure out why the hash was always -1.

I'm sorry, I think it's an issue with the hashing function I used. I don't have plans to fix it at the moment, as I'm focusing on my game right now. If you wanted you could try swapping the MD5 hash out for a different one

i want free but cant :( still very cool :)

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It's great!!  But so far I haven't found the same options like in the free version, force update and stuff. And also it seems to update it every time even if everything matches up. I thought I triple checked my hash code, maybe I'm wrong. 



There isn't a force update option in the Advanced Update Utility because it didn't feel necessary, it made a lot more sense to have the game just always be up to date.

To fix your always updating issue: sometimes GitHub adds an extra space to the end of your hash, which will make the Update Utility detect an update when there isn't one.

To have the Update Utility ignore the extra space, find this line in the code:

updateHash = client.DownloadString(hashURL.ToAntiCacheURL());

and replace it with

updateHash = client.DownloadString(hashURL.ToAntiCacheURL()).Trim();

Hey, understandable :). That's great, the solution worked. Thanks for the fast response! I appreciate it.


Incredible. Thanks for the help on discord!

What exactly is packed into the update? Is is the entire set of files?

What language is the updater written in?

It's not a patcher, its an updater. So all the files. The language is c#

Hello, just bought the advanced version, is there a way to upload the application without redownloading all the .zip folder, instead by just downloading the files that have been changed? I'm available to pay extra to develop a more accurate version of this

No, sorry, what you're looking for is a patcher. The advanced redlabs update utility does not have patching support, although I might develop a Redlabs Patcher in the future once I have some free time.

The tool looks amazing, just a quick question though as i was thinking of buying it an use it as a solution to the problem we are having when updating an app on Android and iPhone.

Will this solution also be working on those two devices? 

As i see it is listed as a windows program but i did not understand if it could still be used on those two devices by setting it up in windows and then patching on the phones or if the whole system only works in windows. 

Was also wondering as we are thinking about using this in a small company setting, would then all 4 have to buy it or is it enough with 1 or is there a business license?

It only works on Windows. For Android and iPhone you are better off using the Play Store and App Store. You only need to purchase one copy for your company, there's no strict license.

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can you make it free at some point? Also Im a big fan, im following your multiplayer fps tutorials, my game looks great so far. Thanks

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This probably won't ever go for free, since I require money to live