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PlayBetterWithFriends is a game I made back in 2017 or so when first starting creating games with Unity. It's a fairly simple prototype for a LAN multiplayer game but I've had a lot of fun playing it with friends and decided to share it with anyone else willing to play. You enter the game into a infinite loop of killing your friends. Take aim and fire! There are trampolines to bounce on, sniper spots to sit in, health packs, and a small (but helpful) easter egg.

It's definitely unfinished, and the code is spaghetti, but it works. There are still a few bugs, most of which can be fixed by leaving and joining the game again.

Make sure to allow the game access to your private or public network. If it prompts you with a window asking to allow access, make sure to say yes or else you will not be able to host or join a game.

Install instructions

This game is for windows only. Download the .zip file and extract it. Then run PlayBetterWithFriends.exe which can be found inside. You will need at least 2 computers to play this.

Once the game starts, one player must host the game. Then, the other players will type the IP address on the host's screen into the IP address field. Make sure to pick a username!

Remember: This game is LAN, so all players must be connected to the same WiFi.


PlayBetterWithFriends.zip 11 MB

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