A downloadable game for Windows

You're probably looking for Redmatch 2

Redmatch is a 100% free multiplayer FPS with multiple gamemodes such as Skirmish, TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town), Infection, Gun Game, and Battle Royale (if you're into that kind of thing). It features many different weapons and 50+ different skins, as well as 7 completely unique maps.

Play to unlock cool animated skins and earn your place on the leaderboards or just chill out with friends for some quick gameplay!

Meet up for games with friends on our discord server!

Hi everyone!

Redmatch 1 has been neglected for a while as I've spent all my time working hard on Redmatch 2. However, I don't want it to just be forgotten. I've had tons of fun playing Redmatch 1 with friends and I don't want that experience to never be possible again.

Since the game is built with Mono, and therefore easily hackable, I won't be able to maintain official servers and prevent hacking. Because of this, I've modified the existing game using some modding tools to allow private server hosting. You can host your own private server (for free) using Photon.

To set up your server and play with friends:

  1. Go to https://www.photonengine.com/
  2. Sign in or create an account.
  3. Go to https://dashboard.photonengine.com/en-US/
  4. Click CREATE A NEW APP.
  5. For Photon Type, choose Photon PUN. Name the application anything you want it doesn't matter.
  6. Click CREATE.
  7. In the list of your applications, copy the App ID of the one you just made.
  8. Paste it into the server.txt file.
  9. Run the game.

If you want other players to be able to join you, just make sure they have the same App ID in the server.txt file.

There is a server already present in the server.txt file, so if you want you can play on that by default. Be aware that there will probably be hackers there, so just make your own server if you're planning on playing with friends.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withPaint.net, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, Controller, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, minigames, Multiplayer, PvP, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


[Private Servers] Redmatch 6.29.2021 444 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download the .zip and extract it, then run Redmatch.exe inside.

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como lo descargo

Nose XD

bro allready 4 hours played on steam in one day... this game is god.

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Hey i just joined your discord server and im the biggest fan

444 mb

hi rugbug im your biggest fan


anyone play anymore lol

no, everyone plays Redmatch 2

can I have the source code

dude not even I have the source code


it got corrupted, thats why there aren't any updates




Would it be possible to make it playable in-browser? If not then that is totally fine!


No, I don't have the game's source code anymore



i know whats the feeling of loosing source code because of a corruption (that happened to me)

now i use source control :) no more losing source code

Tip:Be sure to make backups of the game so you can continue making it (Google  Drive is recommended)

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just use git & github

no one plaing sadddddd

JOIN ME, SERVER CODE: d38a384d-0867-4653-a041-ad56e9b1057f


will a potato pc will run it?

Redmatch isn't as well optimized as Redmatch 2, but it should run ok at the lowest quality and a lower resolution.

ok then i will download the game

are the developers going to put this on web or is it to hard

Redmatch is never coming to the web, since I have stopped development and started working on Redmatch 2 instead.

 I downloading it now

i know its finish but you can make it better

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No, sorry. I'm working on Redmatch 2 now.

plsupdate it

is it better than redmatch 2?

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I think that some game modes are more fun than Redmatch 2's, like TTT and Gun Game. However the playerbase is all but dead, so Redmatch 2 is really the only option unless you have a group of friends to play with.

do you plan this gamemodes for redmatch2?


Nope. Battle Royale is the only one coming to Redmatch 2. There are not enough guns for Gun Game, and the movement is too fast for TTT. I would need to create new maps as well if I wanted to add TTT.

Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

i think adding bots would be a nice way to play on your own or for training

i like dis game. it should get greenlit.


Nice work!

The invite has inspired for the discord server! :O

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The invite has been fixed.


Great game:

Shooting feels great
good graphics without being computer intensive
big tic tac people heehee

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