A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Fling yourself to victory and obtain a position on the global leaderboards! It's a perfect day for cannon climbing.

This game was created for Collab Jam #1 in 48 hours by Rugbug Redfern.

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Install instructions

To run the game, extract the .zip file you downloaded. Then run the UpwardRestriction.exe inside.

Download 64x if you have a computer with Windows 8+. 


Upward Restriction Win 64x 94 MB
Upward Restriction Win 32x 97 MB
Upward Restriction OSX 99 MB
Upward Restriction Linux 101 MB


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Great game! This was a blast to play. Do you have the source code hosted anywhere?


I currently do not. The closest you can get to the source code is watching the making of video

Gotcha, all good. What tooling did you use to create your online leaderboard? I'm pretty curious about that aspect in particular.




Brilliant, thanks! Can always count on Sebastian to have our backs, should've known!

what s the better version?

online mode would be cool

can you update it?

No, it's a jam game

its a nice game

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