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You can try playing it here

Please bring back the we


Can you please port to mac?

pls bring back web


rip this was fun but i played it on chrome book so i wont be able to play anymore

same :(

dam, i have a problem of old pc that cant run steam and is about to die soon and i cant afford a new one, ill miss this game

on steam it is only for exe no liunx

You can use Proton to play it on linux (this is the first google result, dunno if it's useful)

I miss playing redmatch online because i cant use steam on school chromebook

also its me Milez/TwistedSonic

Yeah I'm sorry man :/ Couldn't afford the server costs though, Steam lets me host it for free

hey i got a question...Why did the servers not want to ever. and why did you take off the webgl?

Servers were constantly full towards the end of the build, so I switched to Steam fully so that I can use Steam servers (as well as other steam features like achievements, their awesome account system, the steam workshop, and statistics and leaderboards).

oh okay thank you. but i want to play on my Chromebook so how can i manage that?

You can try this

Can we play offline here?

No, it's an always online game idk what you would even do offline without any players

Lol okay, i will get this game. It looks cool

Alright cool 😄

I have a question. There is a way to install "Redmatch 2" on MacOS?

Not currently

Ok :(

Thanks for the reply 

great game, appreciate more guns

mainly cus im sick of losing to fifthhorseman




You can transfer all of your account progress by signing into it on the steam version, it isn't lost.

ok thanks

Will you make another game like redmatch on itch io


Probably not

aw man


why it was so good

now it won't work


nooooo i loved this game you ca't take it away from me!

I mean it's still playable on Steam. I had to switch to Steam because the networking costs for maintaining it on 3 different platforms was too high, and Steam had the largest playerbase.

Muy buen juego


on here and your website

No, it's permanently switched to Steam exclusively

can you open up your game pls

rubbug how do u create a private match

cause wen i create match doesn't work

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Private matches are currently only available on Steam

dam it but thanks

its probably the best game i played

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lmao this game is so popular now the max concurrent user limit is always filled

It's kinda crazy, right? I bought better servers so it should be able to support up to 500 players now




How can i make my map private?


Click on Create Match. You only have to set a name (if there is not name, it will say "host name"s server) and a password.

apenas lo voy a probarXDDDDD

How do I connect a Switch Pro Controller to Redmatch 2? Been waiting a while

You can't



I see much potential in this game! Here are some ideas:

1. Add cosmetics or items

By items I mean things like hats shirts and that sorts of things to Personalize een more your character. This things could be earned by doing challenges like win 3 public matches or kill 30 people.

2. Add new modes

In this point I mean thins like only snipers or squads. I think it can give more variety to the game.

3. Add more Customization in weapons

I think adding lie 3 more guns would change the playabilty of the game it could be weapons like the Groza, Scar, or Vector and add the stats

4. Training Mode

In this idea you could add a mode for training. Put a room with some things that you can find in the maps and put some dummies for the people to practice.

I am a 3D modeler and I could help if you want but ye that could help the game

honestly all i want out of this game is better respawning (as in some one cant respawn behind you)

I like that so much, id love it

There's some sort of console and it LAGS the game if it's opened... Also, around the crosshair when you get hurt it should point in the direction it came from and also the gunshots get very very loud.

Other than that, excellent game. Enjoying playing with my friends.


Thanks for playing! I'll take your feedback into account.

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PASSWORD: redmatch

I don't actually have a problem with anyone viewing the page, I just made it private so that it didn't show up in search results above Redmatch 2 since Redmatch 1 can't be played anymore.

i feel weird because i found the link, and somehow, I guessed the password.

pretty cool

rug i got to haven i will make video

shh (secret :o)

Working on fixing this now, it should be out on Windows already

can you add like a friends list to join your friends


scan this


kinda sus there mah dood

kind of sus


Bring back my data.

Was at least lvl 30.

Most 37.


Level 1. 1!

Name is back to astrodoggo instead of AstroDoggo.

Please. I worked so long on this.


Thank you for your time.

~Astro, now sad and depressed.


Yeeeep... everyone lost their data. sorry mate. Season 2!

Can I at least have my Undertale death back? All I care about xD

(1 edit)

I'm sorry mate, but you'll have to work back up to it, otherwise it isn't fair to the others. It's really unfortunate and I'm sorry :(

ok lol

Can you add a minimap to redmatch 2, it got harder to find players, please!?

Eh, maybe as a setting or something in the future

Right now it would be a whole lotta work for not a lot of usage

Rugbug, I made an InstallShield setup of Redmatch 2, see for yourself:

uuuhhhhhhh what?

InstallShield is like inno setup, but its advanced, adobe used it in the pass to make an installer for Macromedia flash mx2004.


I use InstallShield, not Inno Setup, also, InstallShield allows you to have advanced options like adding Dependencys.

but why would you want that

rug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found the place where they get the hacks

Deleted post
Deleted 93 days ago


Yeah, it's my bad. Pressed the wrong button while managing the database... Make sure to create a new account as well, your old one will not work.

ok… i was gonna show my friends, and now when I showed them, I was level 0 :(

That sucks man, I'm sorry

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