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also i tried adrift it's a good game

for those who want too check it out here da

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btw this is just my personal opinion but sonic ring in the death animation are kinda eh


Well you don't have to use it ;)

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also this might help some people you could think about adding specific key aim  there 2 ways to just in case for some people

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something cool that could be added is waves it would make the game more interesting to play in my opinion


Waves of what? AI enemies?

yeah that is what mean


It's a ton of work to implement AI enemies. It would be fun, but I'm not willing to spend that amount of time on the game right now. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

does anybody know how to exp farm

i just started playing and i'm already lv 27



Looks fun but no players to play with.

i'll pla


If you cannot find any players, you can join the discord server and ask some people to play with you, but recently there have usually been at least 5 players on any time I've joined.

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i think i know why that might be because the people that i played with last time i played.   it got a lot of people join had full match and i don't even use discord.

so I'm on my Chromebook and I am trying to play this game on itch but for some reason, there is an in-browser version but it won't let me play it...please help



Working on it ;)

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You have become one of my favourite dev. Most of the time devs don't reply to any comments on their games  :-)

Edit: sorry if my English is bad English is my third language


smooth controls 

also i like the game references like undertake, sonic, etc

Glad you noticed! :)


This game is soooo good. Everything feels so speedy, yet under control, love it :)

yo could you make the team outlines a bit less of an eyesore please?

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The TDM outlines are completely bugged in WebGL, which makes it a pain for windows users since that's the only version currently available to them. If I ever get around to updating the game that will be one of the things I fix.

EDIT: The windows version is out now! And I'm fixing the WebGL version very soon.

omg yes thx cuz those outlines make me go blind so i just stick to ffa.

it helped me though 

oh ok, thanks

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it also gives you aiming of some type so if you just aim for the middle it's fine


Jokes on you windows users, I run Linux as my main OS! :D

I'm sure you've had lots of opinions already but I'll leave mine here too.

It would be pretty cool if you could try to add a gun game gamemode where you work your way up to certain weapons, like start with a pistol and end up with a knife. All things considered this was actually a pretty fun experience so thank you for making this game! :^)


If you want to play Gun Game, check out redmatch 1 ;) It doesn't have an active playerbase, but you can find people to play with on the discord

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the game is pretty fun wish they were more players ill make sure to preach linux wish they were more features 

like camera smoothing 

maybe leaning with q & e

and pls make the players a little more visible 

8/10 would play again 

i would also like to learn from you with unity :)

If you want to learn how to make a game like this, I am actually working on a tutorial series: 

Are you working on a windows version ?

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If you look at the description for the game, the windows version was removed due to too many hackers. In the future if I have time I'll implement anticheat and reupload the windows version, but at the moment I'm occupied with school and other projects.

EDIT: The windows version is out now!

I didn't see at the description. My bad

Would love love to see the windows version some day

Deleted 276 days ago

It's out now ;)

this game is really fun :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

having a lot of fun but if you join the first time your sens is very high. That confuised me a lot


Hey nice game, I am curious how you set up multiplayer over webgl. Could you possibly link me to any resources you used? thanks :)

Hi! I'm actually making a tutorial series for this over on my YouTube channel.


lol, nice. that's awesome I'll give it a check and a sub :)

that's great! thanks :) if you ever need help with anything, you can join my discord server. I'll be happy to personally help you.

pls do release for windows

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I removed the windows release because there were too many hackers. In the future I may add it back but I will need to take some time to add Anti-Cheat first.

EDIT: It's out now!

Uh.. I tried to run it and it doesn't want to load, can I get an explanation please?

It loads fine for me. What OS are you using?

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Windows 7, Like I try to load it and the bar just stays at like 95%.

Ah, well I doubt Windows 7 would work well with WebGL. Windows 7 is pretty outdated.

Oh, Ok then I guess I wont play it till I get windows 10 or something. I bet its good tho!

Sounds good :)

it no load :(

What OS are you using?

Windows 10

emm, this game dont have windows version?

As you can see in the description, the windows version was removed due to hackers. You can still play in the WebGL build.

Hackers? when i tried to play, servers was empty :/

Fixed up the game, the windows version is out now!

i cannot play WebGL. it won't let me.

What OS are you using?

Windows 10

What browser are you using?

can someone give me windows download? i wont hack 

It's out now!


You should add more weapons, weapon upgrades, and a voice chat would be really cool. There were actually more people playing this than i thought. This is a very amazing game. Cant wait until you update it! good job and keep up the good work!

can i get windows download i wont hack

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no sir you may not

EDIT: It's out now! Everyone can get the windows version.

I really like this game, but I wish it had a gun menu like C.O.D. to where you can buy more guns and have different load outs


Every time I press a button it just pops up the pause menu over and over every click


good game 



game is fun but not alot of ppl online

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Try joining the discord server if you want to find people to play with! There aren't usually a whole lot of players in the game except for occasions when friends get together or during organized events. Otherwise, you'll have to ask a friend to play or find someone from the discord.


Good Bunny Hop

you should add a kick feature

I hope the devs see this.

I have seen it, but am not currently updating the game. Maybe I'll get around to it eventually, but the game is a mess right now and needs to be reworked, so the next update will be a huge undertaking.


This is my favourite Shooter!!!! It is really GOOD!


damn, think ill install it now.


Looks very fun, but there are no players!

Try joining the discord server if you want to find people to play with! There aren't usually players in the game except for occasions when friends get together or during organized events. Otherwise, you'll have to ask a friend to play or find someone from the discord.


Hey guys. I made a video about these games. The puzzles were interesting. I hope you make more levels. The shooter was also entertaining. I did not see many functions because I used a browser version. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos with such games every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing your games, and I am looking forward to playing more of them.




i found the hard hat exposion easter egg

The first game was better, maps were a lot better looking and other than that it was the same as this one

This one is much better optimized with better movement physics and overall polish. I didn't spend as much time on it as the first, which is why it has fewer gamemodes and weapons, and although it has more maps they aren't made with third party assets and so look worse as I made them myself.

I wish its hard to find ppl tho can you add bots? or all world servers?

The servers are all world... there's not many people who actively play. It's best to also have a friend download it or meet up with people on the discord server: (


now that it's in 1.0 I decided to play it, hope it will be good. Absolutely cannot wait for Pangaea, Adrift always caught my attention for some reason. Anyways, i'll make sure to give this a rating!


yaaaaah thas hot

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