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Redmatch 2 has moved to Steam. Thank you all for your time playing on itch.io!

A free fast-paced online multiplayer FPS where you upgrade your stats with kills!

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can I get the source code?

using Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 on ultra and man u should try it

Great game but only on windows?? I played for a while and the game is GREAT but we really need linux support!

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Since Linux and OSX account for such a small proportion of Steam players, it isn't really worth it to maintain builds for them and solve platform-specific bugs (Especially because I have tried to build IL2CPP for Linux in the past and haven't been able to get it to compile). I might implement it in the future if enough people show support for it

you should try to add rematch 2 to nvidia geforcenow so people could play on browser and people on mac and linux could also play

I did, actually. I opted into geforce now through Steam's thing. I don't think they support it yet though, or if it ever will be. It's all a little vague

could you add linux support




Deleted post

Sorry, the game relies on Steam relay servers. I can't put it on a platform other than Steam

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you have no idea how many hackers that would spawn lol

Deleted post

that's one way to think about it

Hello Rugbug, is there any chance that you would consider working with us on porting this game on Microsoft? If you're interested, please send me an email at mark.lauz@gametroopers.net

Hi! Thanks for reaching out, but I'm not interested in porting the game to any other platforms at the moment

Thanks for letting me know. Should you change your mind, please let me know.

I miss having 30 fps, now the game runs at 5

when did the FPS drop start?

When steam version came out. And my specs are like 4gb and an intellectual Pentium. Obviously it's gonna lag. 


that was like over a year ago mate

try reducing your resolution a lot if possible

Ok. Also I lost my account that had like 100 levels. That's sad.

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there was a transfer period of about 3 months from itch to steam

sorry that you missed that though

Remember me, rugbugredfern?

btw i got the game on steam, its awesome!

cool :)

hi, i was also wondering if there is going to be air strafe added or atleast fixed because air movement is weird and inconsistent. i would also like to see a wall jump option or mybe eve if you use both graple at the same time it yanks you toward that spot. other than that great game.

There is a web version ?


hi, i love your game but i was wondering how you put the url for custom skin in, do i need to do imgur or just coppy from google like: (for example)


i have not tried yet but also i heard somewhere that other people cant see the skin. thanks 

You need to use ibb.co or imgur. https://i.ibb.co/9c7Ttz0/image.png


i'm guessing owner been taken it down browser..

why did you take it off browser?

Some maps lights are weird then night time enabled 

And l more like if you added bombs for game

pls tell me how to chat in redmatch 2

Nice game :)


Thx :)

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it would be great if you made it so that you can download it from here aswell for players who dont have steam. (just my opinion) 

p.s. i know it relies on steam servers but maybe bring back the old servers too?


the old servers cost me like $200 a month, so I'm not doing that. steam's servers are free

ooh k i love your game tho

oh thats why ouch

I am working on a game, and I was wondering how you made the capsule materials customizable, and the same with the death vfx.

The capsule materials are customizable by just modifying the material texture.

renderer.material.mainTexture = yourTexture;

Death effects are just prefabs instantiated when the player dies. A different prefab is used depending on the death effect. They contain things like particle systems and animators to achieve the effects.


this game is epic

Hello. me and some friends are curious if there ever will be a chance for us to make our own maps as in workshop maps etc, as well as if the game is hitscan or not? we have argued over this for like a week xD love the game tho actually really fun

Glad you like the game! All guns are hitscan, and custom maps might be possible in the future. I'm still debating how much work it will take.

pls make it

Deleted 1 year ago


can we get the webgl one back i cant run it on steam and the fastest computer that can run the game cant download steam

sorry, the game relies on Steam's servers for multiplayer, so I can't bring it back to WebGL

aww man

can you somehow make a copy of a game one for steam and one for webgl




The game is nice, but there is some lack of it, and the game were talking, saying, “They made me quickly, and this is not good. If there is patience in making the game, no, 3D would have been better, but it is good, but.”

 3D is not bad, don't get me wrong, now the 3D has something secret because it's like low poly, but it's not low poly, it's something better than low poly

I hope in the future there will be some birds up in the sky for me 10/9

my name hussainaltahoo944 .




fr i didnt understand a thing he said

what the

Pls Unban Me

My Discord Got Hacked

My Discord Is: Daksh#4275


the camper achievement is broken)

are you Герман Хаустов

no, i am Илюша Гребенщиков)

camper achievement only works in a room with 3 or more people

thanx, mate

Are you going to add a mac and linux version for steam???


I might, but it's hard to test/fix bugs when I don't have a Mac or Linux PC


sheesh thats kinda sad, i did play the game a bunch of times and its great, i just want to play it on my mac, anyways the game is great!

my friend said it's a virus lol

ur friend is wrong lol

Why no linux port Proton didn't work last i tried

I can't build IL2CPP to Linux yet, which would mean the game would be unsecure. If that ever changes then I'll do a Linux port.

why isnt there a mac build on steam?

Because Steam requires all mac builds to be signed, which would mean I would need to buy a Mac computer and pay for an Apple Developer account. Itch.io did not have this requirement so I was able to upload it here.

Install macOS on a virtual machine, i suggest you VMware or VirtualBox

I would, but to do that I still need a copy of the operating system, which I can't legally obtain without accessing a mac

oh yes, that's a problem

can you make a version on here we can play if we cant get it on steam?


nope, it relies on steam servers to function



damn ill miss this game

Please bring back the we


Can you please port to mac?

pls bring back web


rip this was fun but i played it on chrome book so i wont be able to play anymore

same :(

same. rip redmatch

dam, i have a problem of old pc that cant run steam and is about to die soon and i cant afford a new one, ill miss this game

on steam it is only for exe no liunx

You can use Proton to play it on linux (this is the first google result, dunno if it's useful)

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