Redmatch 2 is now on STEAM!

  • Added Achievements
  • Moved the Statistics button to the main menu to reduce confusion
  • Centered the sniper reticle
  • Rooms will now sort by player count
  • Reduced network load by calculating bullet impacts on clients
  • Greately improved rotational interpolation, making players look a lot smoother when looking around
  • Smoothed out player movement
  • If a player leaves a room their map vote will no longer be counted
  • Logging in/registering an account will now redirect you to the main screen instead of the account screen, hopefully reducing confusion
  • Increased audio limit which will hopefully reduce audio cutting out
  • Fixed an issue where destructible walls would not take damage
  • Fixed blank usernames on the leaderboard
  • Bullet holes will no longer stick to your face
  • Added an option to change the capitalization of letters in your username to fix the lowercase names issue
  • You can no longer spam emotional support
  • Added 2 more secrets (or maybe more I can't really remember)


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