• Fixed the local player color on the player list so you can now see yourself in orange again
  • Added host transferring (click someone in the lobby and choose "Transfer Host" to give them host priviledges if you are the host and don't want to be anymore)
  • Slightly tweaked the corrupt skin to be more visible
  • Fixed blank names (for real)
  • Added a gun to the skin preview in the main menu so you can see which way forward is (thanks Cyran)
  • You can now exit upgrade cabinets with escape instead of just E (thanks kiwi)
  • You can now see your ping in-game by pressing escape
  • Added Discord Rich Presence (game invites are not fully working yet). To 
  • Added a wallbang icon
  • Made the killfeed sprites uniform in scale
  • Increased AFK kick time


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