I finally learned how semantic versioning works... the first digit is the "major" which is for complete game-changing releases (think alpha > beta > release). The second digit is the "minor" which is for non-undermining updates, like content releases. The third digit is the "patch" which is for patches and small bugfixes to content updates, without adding new content.

Hopefully I can name my updates better from now on. In any case, here are the additions!

  • Proper controller support for xbox controllers (no menu support, just gameplay)
  • Fixed a bit of lag in Ruins
  • Fixed some text wrapping issues
  • Added UI tooltips
  • Ammo Multiplier and Starting Ammo Multiplier now change their respective amounts separately instead of intertwining in a weird way
  • Fixed blank name issue (sort of, your name will be lowercase for the time being)
  • Bullet holes should no longer attach to players and float a few meters away
  • Fixed issues with pit including night not working, drops not falling, and not being able to leave
  • Increased footstep volume
  • You can now copy player IDs by clicking on them in the lobby... which is only really useful for me, but
  • Added private rooms for DLC owners or if you are level 100 or higher

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