• Added ODM Gear, accessible in the room settings
  • Added a noscope icon for getting a sniper kill without scoping in
  • Added 2 more secrets to find

Fixes & Minor Changes

  • Optimized the Spleef to try and fix the horrible lag for browser versions.
  • Increased default quality settings
  • Improved shadow quality on ultra settings
  • Removed some old explosive barrels from Ruins
  • Improved drawing panel responsiveness
  • Reduced map boundaries on Pit to prevent players shooting in from the top
  • Fixed some missing geometry on Ruins
  • Players can no longer be pushed off of upgrade cabinets while using them
  • Put up some more work-positive posters to encourage our construction crew
  • Teammates will no longer have the damage indicator when you shoot them, and instead will have the shield. This should make it more apparent who your teammates are.
  • You can now damage other players with explosives when pvp is disabled.
  • Removed realtime lighting from Outskirts which will extremely boost performance.
  • Barrels will no longer deal more damage if there are more players in the room.
  • A negative level will no longer crash the game.
  • Added UI animation to map voting.
  • Blood Red DLC users should now have skins and death effects automatically equip if they had selected them in a previous session.
  • Player usernames should now always face the camera.
  • I think I fixed players turning invisible after leaving them in spectator mode but that will need some testing.


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Attack of titans with floor is lava no ?

something like that

Deleted post

what is it?

i think hes trolling

Deleted post

Assembly, where the are no new secrets. I have found both by now, there's not hints to the secrets in the image or changelogs (apart from it saying 2 secret were added)

Deleted post