• Added ODM Gear controls to the rebind menu
  • ODM Gear will no longer fire while chatting
  • Fixed usernames not facing the camera properly
  • ODM Hooks will no longer float if you die while grappling
  • Fixed an issue where players in TDM could not damage each other
  • Added an "always sprint" setting
  • Improved netcode to reduce bandwidth
  • Fixed a glitch where maps would show a vote of "0" for a split second when the match ended
  • Removed the cubes from Assembly since they didn't work very well
  • Player shields will no longer hide after they shoot if PVP is disabled
  • Increased the barrel/stickygogo/ammo pickup between time to 5 seconds from 0.1/0.1/1
  • Increased the knockback of explosive barrels and stickygogos
  • Fixed an issue where regenerating health would sometimes give you above the maximum amount
  • The scoreboard can no longer be closed after the game ends
  • Added the map Shapes which is a temporary replacement for Spleef while Orbit is being created

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