Hi everyone! Following the release yesterday on Steam we found a ton of new bugs. I've fixed quite a few, but if you find any more be sure to submit them in the #bug-reports channel of our Discord Server!


  • Reduced StickyGoGo explosion force


  • Getting a kill as a guest will now show up on the leaderboard
  • Collateral achievement was not working
  • Tis But a Scratch achievement would be given if you killed a player after you died
  • Shortlived Victory achievement gave you the achievement if you killed someone after dying, instead of dying after killing someone
  • Jack of All Trades achievement was not working
  • Players would sometimes get a question mark as their kill and it would not count in rooms that had been active for a long time
  • Upgrade cabinets would not play audio
  • Upgrade cabinets would let you upgrade infinitely and would not display your current upgrade amount


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how do you downlowd

You can't on itch anymore, it's only available on Steam.