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rug ince you aded the odm ger why not ad a new appgrade tht makes you gigger and one thet makes you smaller

This is the best Rug has made, change my mind

something happened and now im lvl 0 and when i check stats it doesnt say anything

every one 

have thet

Season 2 ;)

its not a bug its a feature


rug my level in gone its 0 and my ame is turned from GGNOREITA to ggnoreita amd it sayes joined today

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yeah this happeed to me too

There should be more guns you can unlock and a gun lvl up and new parts for the guns or idk if that exists already

i found one in playground and i cant break it

oh yeah and the breakable walls are broken

it worked erlier but now it wont load

rug in next update pls fix the brecable walls

yes that would be nice

its planned

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rug we broke the doar



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did you just make an evangelion reference???

not intentionally lol, what episode?

i fink 25 or 26

this one?

Deleted 128 days ago


Deleted 128 days ago

i cant play animore doesnt work

Deleted 128 days ago

rug what hapened!!!

Looks like the webservers for site checking went down for a bit. Try again now, it should work

rug the brecable bloks like the skyway walls and the seecret walls are not brecable

how to make a private game

Either buy the Blood Red DLC or reach level 100

ok it will take a wile, i am still at 54

Rug do you have any idea when your adding grapple to controller because i play on controller and i hate how theres no grapple and keyboard and mouse players have grapple

Soon hopefully, maybe in the next update

rug what is this

rug its an hacker


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rug ban him he is a haker, the controlls got normal only after he left, and i was unable to register it but before he wase immortal, and can fly 

what append why is my name gone 
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Rug how do you grapple on controller?

You can't, there aren't enough buttons. I might find a way to implement it sometime in the future.

oh... well if you do i have a button where you can put it thats unccupied, On Xbox the button is X and on dualshock 4 the botton is Square and on nintendo the button is Y thats my suggestion for where to put it

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nvm that button is occupied

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instead use B for xbox. O for dualshock 4 and A for nintendo

IDEA: pressing on joysticks uses grapple

how to make a private room

Get Blood Red DLC or reach level 100.


rug the bracable walls are not brakable anymore

Thanks for letting me know

im loney



hey rug, i found a couple of bugs today. First of all when you do battle royale settings the game immediately will end the match after one kill for some reason.

 Also when doing battle royale circle on ruins either the circle speed is bugged really high or it just starts super small, because when u start the game u end up outside the circle instantly no matter what

Thanks, I'll check it out. As for Ruins you'll have to lower the circle speed for it to work well

thats weird tho, cuz i had it on 1

rug ban bot 555555555 he is spamming rwong words on the chat 

Not gonna do anything without screenshot evidence.

how to make screenshot in laptop, i will do it becouse its uneceptable for cildren 

Win + Shift + S

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rug you gota do sonfing no wan is using the stiky go goes, battle royal

and barrelpocalipse ever 

game doesnt seem to load anymore

aot theme play

i finck Zexer is haker

Well, if you submit video evidence on the discord server I can do something about it.

I would like to report some players lol.

I know some cursing is allowed on the server but I found this too much.

Colin837ry23, Nerdballs24. They also were using cheffs name without permission.

Also, chat is not working.

Colin837ry23 is now muted for a week. I'll need additional screenshots for nerdballs24 as well in order to take any action because I don't see them doing anything.

oof, did not get shots for nerballs24.

Rug was your game inspired by shell shockers or did u come up with this with some morning breakfast

it was not, I had no clue shell shockers existed when I made it. It's not a super unique concept it's just an FPS, and the upgrade machines were an idea I had while playing it a long time ago.

What software did you use to make the installer!?

Inno Setup

how did you add the text that said “Support me on Patreon”, and how did you add the redmatch 2 image on the side when the user is done installing.


Redmatch Image:

Inno Setup has some GUI features as well, they cover it on their forums


Now i cant even change the settings

Uhm rug i found a bug i cant use my settings that i have before my key to aim doesnt work anymore, so i think that it went back to right click.

Keybinds and settings are lost with each update unless you download the game or play on clears them and there's nothing I can do about it, so play on one of those other locations if you want them to be saved.

and now i just redownloaded it and i cant run it at all

its saying im missin a fil

Yup, hold up a sec while I fix it

Hey rug i was wondering if i could be a idea helper like thinking of some new ways to improve the game and maybe making new maps

I'm always open to suggestions on our discord server!

how about you remake the original good redmatch map, from the original redmatch.

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wishlist on steam

rug it about the skin i know how yo copy but how do i post it on 

and plz give the other that not block

can u do it for mobile pls i love this game

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